Our Staff

Fostering a life long love of learning is our aim at AMS. The Montessori philosophy is a beautiful method of instilling this in children. Our school strives to surround our students with consistent, well-educated, positive role models, who are fun loving and passionate educators. It is an exceptional place to be a part of. Our teachers are trained with montessori method of teaching children. We have native language teachers for our spanish class, language teachers for phonics lessons, art teacher for arts and crafts.

A Montessori teacher is a guide or facilitator whose task is to support the young child in his or her process of self-development. In Montessori education teachers are also known as ‘directors’. Most of our staff have been with AMS for many years and all are very committed to our children and community.

Staff Goals

AMS staff goals are to nurture and inspire the children. The objective is to help a child:

  • Learn independently
  • Retain their curiosity
  • Develop creativity
  • Nurture their intellectual level

The facilitators and staff members of AMS are rarely the center of attention for this is not their class it is the child's class. There are three factors that the facilitators help children to learn independently while attending AMS:

  • To Observe
  • To Question
  • To Explore