Ages 3-6

Program Highlights

We offer a unique Montessori program in a lovely classroom setting. The child works in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility. A beautifully prepared experience awaits your child. The Montessori materials attract and support your child's learning.

Areas of interest are developed to introduce to your child:
* Math * Language * Arts * Sensorial * Practical Life
* Science * Geography * History * Care of Self
* Music * Art * Field Trips * Art Grace & Courtesy


Language in the Montessori classroom is an activity that promote listening,speaking, reading and writing. Language is fostered in environments where children's ideas and play are valued and used as the basis for further exploration and development.


Activities to create a logically ordered mind, to develop an understanding of numeration, problem solving and other math functions.

Practical Life

The foundation for all learning is found in practical life, for it is here that the child acquires order, concentration, coordination, independence and the ability to care for self, other and the environment.


The children will be taught various colors, numbers, short phrases, months, and days of the weeks in Spanish, and Spanish music will be introduced

Educational Goals

"The goal of Arlington Montessori School is to help the child develop to his fullest potential by following the child through observation andhelping him direct his own growth spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically, by providing a prepared environment, that is designed to meet the child's needs."

  • Develop independence and self-confidence
  • Encourage choice, creativity and imagination
  • Build self-esteem
  • Foster self-motivation
  • Provide a sound academic base
  • Enhance social development and cooperation
  • Discover the joy of friendship and learning